Intelligence & Energy Materials Research Laboratory

KRI specialists will contribute to achieve client's business targets of the following research fields.

  • Environment and Energy
  • Aging Society
  • Automatic Operation of a Motor Vehicle
  • IOT Technology

Key words for future research business :

Interface control

Gradient structure

Nano structure control

Thermal conductivity

Thermal expansion

Energy device, Medical care & equipment, Energy efficiency, Electronics, Energy storage, Optical material

Capable material technology & Application areas

Material formation

Problem-solving analysis

KRI supposed application – Theme examples -

Device Material technology
LIB Anode & Cathode materials, Electrolyte, Separator, Sealing material
Capacitor Electrolyte, Separator, Corrosion resisted sealing material
Solar cell Electrolyte, Photo resisted sealing material, AR film, Transparent conductor, Wavelength conversion material
Fuel cell Non-humidified proton conductor, Noble metal free catalysis
Interface Transparent actuator, Gas barrier, Transparent conductor, AR film Sealing material
High power LED Light & thermal resisted sealing, Emission material
Power device High thermal conductive, low CTE & thermal resisted sealing
Ion migration resist & insulating film

KRI provides solutions to technology problems in the material composition,
   physical properties designed for client’s devices.
KRI can propose degradation analysis of the device problems.


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