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Lists of Conducted projects

Nano-Materials Research Laboratory

1.Sol-gel technology

  • Precursor design technology
  • Low-temperature crystallization technology
  • Photo-assisted sol-gel
  • Emulsion sol-gel
  • Self-seeding sol-gel
  • Synthesis of functional films technology

2.Nanosynthesis technology

  • Template method
  • Bottom-up method
  • Nanostructure control technology

3.Organic-inorganic nano hybrid technology

  • Sol-gel molecule hybrid technology
  • Synthesis design employing silsesquioxane hybrids
  • Control of microstructures
  • Nanocomposite technology
  • Hydro-bond type hybrid technology
  • Polymer phasing control technology

4.Microparticle / nanoparticle synthesis technology

  • Nano-level particle synthesis
  • Reforming and decoration of particle surface / encapsulation technology
  • Particle size control technology (from a few nanometers - 100_m)
  • Fine particle dispersion technology (solutions)
  • Fine particle dispersion technology (polymers and hybrids)
  • Particle size control by film emulsion method and synthesis technology of uniform fine particles

5.Reforming of bulk film physical properties and technology for adding new functions

  • Refractive index control technology
  • Thermal stabilization technology
  • Dielectric constant control technology
  • Electroconductive deposition technology

6.Inorganic synthesis technology

  • Silicide synthesis technology
  • Polysilane synthesis technology
  • Polymer synthesis technology
  • Polymer decoration technology
  • Low-molecular synthesis technology

7.Evaluation / measurement technology

  • Micro / nano minimal structure analysis
  • Spectral analysis
  • Photocatalyst evaluation technology
  • On-site measurement technology
  • Combustion gas measurement
  • Electrochemical evaluation
  • Measurement and simulation technology
  • Molecular modeling
  • Reaction simulation
  • Spectral simulation

8.Photofunctional Materials

  • Application of Photo-sensitive Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials
  • Patterning of inorganic materials
  • Photo-sensitive materials for display devices
  • Materials for color filters
  • Novel photoresist materials
  • Additives for resist materials
  • Novel photo-sensitive materials
  • Novel optical resins
  • Development of materials for optical waveguides

Nano-Materials Research Laboratory


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