Business Activities

Business Activities

Outline of business activities

<Non-disclosure policy>

  • All the information disclosed by clients is kept strictly confidential.

<Type of contract>

  • Entrusted Contract is active with a client being an entruster. All projects will begin once the contract is closed.

<Results of projects>

  • In general, results of contracts on consulting and research belong to the respective clients. Depending on contract terms, clients may be required to accept KRI as a joint applicant when filing for a patent.

How contracted projects are carried out

The flow of a single client project

The flow of a single client project

Advantages for the client entrusting with KRI

1. Contributing to the "speeding up" of client's business

  • Limitations in the numbers of employees or variety of equipment may be an obstacle in how you proceed with your business or new R&D projects. Please consider contracting with us to undertake some (or all) of such business or projects. We will contribute to the time effectiveness of concluding your business. You will see results without a loss of time.

2. Gaining new "ideas" and results

  • Our researchers are highly qualified in their varied specialties. We offer a wide range of services from providing the latest information on technology, systems and tips to creating new materials. We come up with the best solutions to client's problems as well as the desired results based on our own technology and know-how.

3. Contributing to "improving quality" and "improving reliability"

  • Our skillful researchers will be in charge of your project from project proposals to delivery of results.
  • The most suitable members for each project team are flexibly organized and selected from among KRI's extensive list of experts.

4. Contributing to "diversification" of client's business in order to reduce risks

  • KRI can reduce client's risk in investing in facilities or human resources when the client attempts a new and under-explored theme.
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