KRI contributes to innovation through contract research


  • 2018/10/24
    Concept movie
    " ET revolution brings a new society " which predicted and visualized the future society that overturns the conventional values is released.
    Based on the concept of AIEV (Next Generation Electric Vehicle) oroposed by Dr. Akira Yoshino who is our special adviser, KRI will concretize the direction of development of lithium-in batteries, capacitors, etc. and contribute to solving energy and environmental issues.
  • 2018/4/1
    Organization Chart (Updated)
    Board Member (Updated)
  • 2017/7/1
    Board Member (Updated)
  • 2017/4/1
    Organization Chart (Updated)
    Board Member (Updated)
  • 2016/8/30
    Main Fields (Updated)
  • 2016/7/1
    Board Member (Updated)
  • 2016/4/1
    Organization Chart (Updated)
  • 2003/7/1
    The company name has been changed into KRI, Inc. from Kansai Research Institute, Inc. as of 1st of July, 2003.
    The domain name also has been changed into"" from "".
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