Electrochemical Device Laboratory

We have been developing technologies to improve the efficiency and durability of fuel cells. In addition, we have been taking advantage of these technologies to expand research and development in regard to functional devices and the application of functional materials.

Fuel cell
Fuel cell technologies > Expanded fields
By taking advantage of the technologies developed through investigation and development of fuel cells, we contribute to clients’ research and development in the following aspects: Research and development of novel functional devices | Development of functional material applications

[Technological fields]

  • Development of electrode catalysts
  • Design of electrode catalyst layers
  • Development of electrolytes
  • Characteristic evaluation for PEFC components
  • Analysis of moisture characteristics of porous materials (wettability, hygroscopicity, etc.)
  • Optical analysis of coatings
  • Viscoelasticity measurement for thin films
  • Surface modification of carbon materials
  • Surface modification of metal particles
  • Surface-initiated ATRP


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